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Find out how Gel Giussani has always worked with winegrowers to develop accessories adaptable to every type of piles

Gel Giussani knows and closely supports the world of wine growers.

We know that the 2023 grape harvest was very difficult, not least because of peronospera, a fungal disease that found its ideal environment with the warm temperatures and heavy rainfall this year.

Obviously, not all wine-growing areas were affected in the same way, with the areas of central and southern Italy getting the worst of it, while those in northern Italy were partly spared.

In fact, each vineyard has its own history and characteristics due to differences in soil, climate, slopes, planting choices and production methods.

All this makes each vineyard unique and the choice of accessories and piles is very important.

Our vineyard accessories are a point of reference for those working in the sector, as well as the innovative solutions we have developed to best suit their requirements.

Cà Montebello winery visit

Cà Montebello winery visitIn October, we were invited by Mr Luigi Scarani, owner of the Cà Montebello winery in Cigognola (PV).

Renowned winery for its Oltrepò Pavese wines that relies on us to supply spring spreaders, collars and tensioners for its iron piles.

It is always nice to see our products in the field that help the plants grow optimally and profitably in the vineyard, but it is even more satisfying to be able to taste its wines: Pinot Nero, Buttafuoco and Sangue di Giuda.

Design in the cellar

Not only taste, a visit to a wine cellar is a journey that embraces all the senses, so the eye wants its part too!

The typically rustic style of the Cantina Cà Montebello has been made unique thanks to the wine racks from the Enoofficina by Gel Giussani collection.

The Quadra Line with its bold and modern design offers shelves in transparent or satin-finished Plexiglas. The Platinum Line, on the other hand, has an ‘urban-chic’ line characterised by the modularity of its chrome-plated steel rings that can take on multiple shapes and sizes, making each piece UNIQUE.

Strolling between the rows of vines talking about the latest developments in wine production, tasting the precious ‘grape juice’ surrounded by a contemporary design with a rustic soul; this is the ideal atmosphere to enjoy the fruits of your labour at Cà Montebello.

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