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Here we are with the Gel Giussani’s range of screw hooks, designed to meet every need in the construction industry. Thanks to the long experience in the industry, our products ensuring a strong and durable seal, making them ideal for fixing both light and heavy objects.

The best selling product is our lag screw hooks, threaded rods with a folded end used in construction as a foundation tie rod. The products can be made in all types of structural steels, round for concrete, quenched and tempered steels, and stainless steel.

When the fold takes on the typical umbrella handle shape, it is used as a pipe support system.

The quality of Gel Giussani screw hooks starts from the careful selection of raw materials. We are committed to using only the best steels, chosen for their strength, durability and ability to withstand high loads. Our attention translates into products that not only meet, but often exceed the highest expectations, ensuring exceptional performance in all conditions of use.

At Gel Giussani, we understand that every building project has its uniqueness and requires tailor-made solutions. That’s why we offer a screw hook customization service based on designs and specifications provided by our customers. Whether it’s size, shape or thread type, our team of experts is ready to develop solutions that perfectly meet the required technical specifications.

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