Gel Giussani: vineyard and orchard supplies

Gel Giussani has been engaged for years in the development of innovative solutions for viticulture and crops in general.

We offer a wide range of vineyard accessories adaptable to all types of poles on the market: iron, wood and concrete. These tools play a key role in the cultivation of vines and the production of high-quality grapes, as they simplify activities related to wine farming, improving efficiency, productivity and the overall health of vines.

Vineyard and orchard accessories: why rely on Gel Giussani?

Gel Giussani’s vineyard accessories such as pole spacers, collars, brackets, and wire clamps are produced by three-dimensional bending of steel and stainless steel wire.

The raw material used to manufacture these tools is of the highest quality, and it is AISI 302: flexible and durable over time, it is particularly suitable for making spring spacers intended for poles.

In addition, all of our viticulture accessories are fully customized in order to tailor them precisely to the specific needs of each vineyard. This customization helps maximize the results and efficiency of operations in your vineyard.

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