Spring spreaders for vineyards

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Spring spacers for vineyard piles: a real innovation in viticulture.

Gel Giussani’s vineyard spring spreaders are made of 302 stainless steel with diameters of 2.50mm and 3.00mm.

What are vineyard spring spacers used for and what are their advantages?

Spring spreaders are used in modern vineyards to support the wires and contain the vegetation of the vine during its growing cycle: they are open during the vine growing and closed when the sprouts are big enough.

The wires are fixed inner the ring of the spring spreader because only the spring is getting open por closed accoringly the the vine status.

The major numbers of sprouds is inside the wires so to avoit to be broken.

The advantage of these vineyard accessories is the optimisation of vineyard management time and vegetation trellising.

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