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How this stainless steel is used within Gel Giussani products

AISI 302: mechanical propertiesWhen confronted with versatile and reliable materials in the manufacturing and engineering industry, stainless steel plays a key role. Among the many stainless steel alloys, AISI 302 is one of the most relevant and widely used.

With this article we will explore the distinctive characteristics of AISI 302 and its use in our vineyard accessories.

The characteristics of AISI 302 steel

AISI 302 is an austenitic stainless steel alloy, which means it possesses an austenitic crystal structure at room temperatures.

Created to enhance traditional stainless steels on corrosion, the chemical composition of AISI 302 includes mainly chromium (20-27%), nickel (25-42%) and molybdenum (3-6%), with small amounts of other elements added.

As mentioned earlier, this alloy is is able to effectively resist corrosion from aggressive chemicals and oxidation due to the presence of elements such as chromium and nickel.

AISI 302 demonstrates a remarkable ability to retain its characteristics and performance intact even after prolonged periods of exposure to stresses and interaction with the surrounding environment. This ability to keep its characteristics intact is the result of its specific chemical and structural properties.

The machinability of AISI 302 is another noteworthy aspect: thanks to its austenitic crystalline structure, it can be easily machined, welded and shaped. This feature is one of the material’s strengths, as it enables the creation of a wide range of complex components with extreme precision.

Applications of AISI 302 steel

The exceptional mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of AISI 302 steel make it essential in many industrial applications. Some examples include:

  • Electronic components: it is used for springs and electrical contacts due to its mechanical and conductive properties.
  • Medical instruments: finds use in electromechanical equipment, medical accessories and medical devices that require resistance to corrosion and mechanical stress.
  • Automotive components: AISI 302 steel is used for springs, valves and transmission components because of its combination of strength and ductility.
  • Viticulture: AISI 302 is used to create essential components for vineyard care and maintenance.

Conclusions and the role of AISI 302 in Gel Giussani products

The role of AISI 302 in Gel Giussani productsWe analyzed how AISI 302 steel is a versatile and reliable material, valued for its outstanding mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

At Giussani Gel, we use AISI 302 steel for the production of vineyard accessories, such as spring spacers for piles. The outstanding mechanical properties of this material give our piles spring spacers a reliable and long-lasting option within the wine industry. The resistance of AISI 302 alloy to corrosion ensures a prolonged operational life of spacers in vineyards, while its elastic capacity ensures smooth installation and flawless adaptability to the specific needs of each vineyard.

In addition, we use AISI 302 for the production of bent wire elements for industries such as agriculture, construction, and outdoor, here are some examples of products:

  • support frames for Christmas illuminations;
  • supports for medical and electromedical equipment;
  • simple frames for nurserymen and agriculture;
  • hooks for store displays;
  • hooks and buckles for furniture;
  • support elements for interior lighting;
  • bent pendants for plasterboard ceilings.

We use innovative three-dimensional numerically controlled bending machines to make these bent wire elements, which enable us to produce complex products with diameters ranging from 2 mm to 8 mm.

Get in touch with us for a customized supply of bent wire elements and vineyard accessories with innovative AISI 302 steel.