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Find out how to properly tie the rooted cuttings to the braces for a lush and productive vineyard

How to attach the braces to the rooted cuttings

When it comes to growing a vineyard, it is crucial to ensure that the rooted cuttings are properly attached to the braces. This binding process is essential to ensure healthy vine growth and quality grape production.

With this article we at Gel Giussani will provide a step-by-step guide on how to properly bind the rooted cuttings to the braces of the vineyard.

What are rooted cuttings and braces?

Before starting, however, it is important to understand the meaning of “rooted cuttings” and “braces” in the wine-growing context. The rooted cuttings (or “Barbatelle” in Italian) is nothing more than a grafted vine cutting. The braces, on the other hand, are vertical supports, usually made of steel, iron or bamboo, which are used to support the rooted cuttings and guide their growth.

Tools needed to properly bind rooted cuttings to braces

To properly fix the rooted cuttings to the braces, you will need the following tools:

  • Tying machines for vineyards: these tools are designed to facilitate the process of binding the rooted cuttings to the braces. Vineyard tying machines can be manual or electric and allow you to fix plants quickly and efficiently, reducing the physical effort and time required compared to traditional methods of tying.
  • Binding threads: they are used together with the binders to attach the rooted cuttings to the braces. There are several types of wire, including biodegradable and synthetic materials, each with its own characteristics of strength, flexibility and durability.

Guide to fixing rooted cuttings to braces

Guide to fixing rooted cuttings to bracesTo get started, it is crucial to prepare the ground properly. Rooting out roots and rooting the soil are some of the most common operations to ensure that rooted cuttings have a healthy growth environment.

The next step is to choose braces. At Gel Giussani, we are a point of reference for the supply of strong and durable braces for vineyards. Made of smooth iron, they are available in different sizes, with diameters of 7, 8 or 10 mm and standard lengths of 1000 or 1200 mm, with the possibility of customizing both the weight and the quantity to adapt perfectly to the needs of each vineyard or protected crop.

Once the braces have been chosen, it is important to place them correctly in the vineyard and fix the first passage wire from the ground to the brace. You can do it in a practical, safe and fast way thanks to our fastenings for pipes and the twister.

It is also essential to ensure that the braces are planted at an appropriate distance from each other to ensure sufficient space for the growth of the vines.

Next, it’s time to tie the rooted cuttings. Use the tying machines to surround the binding thread to the rooted cutting and the brace, while trying not to tighten the thread too much.

Once you have finished the procedure on all the rooted cuttings, be sure to periodically check the binding threads and, if necessary, proceed with their replacement.


In conclusion, the healthy and lush growth of the vines also goes through operations such as fixing the braces to the rooted cuttings, but not only that.

It is important, in fact, to have the best accessories to ensure an optimal growth environment and efficient management of crops.

Thanks to us at Gel Giussani you can count on a wide range of accessories for vineyards; browse our extensive catalog now or contact us for advice!