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Custom wire products for many industries

Gel Giussani: new articles in bent wire soon availableGel Giussani world is always evolving. Recently new bent items have been included in the Gel product’s range.

These new articles are produced with our 3D bending machineries with numerical control (in the past exclusively reserved for the production of accessories for vineyards).

Thanks to the continuous requests for projects and new developments by our customers, we have decided to use our 3D machineries constantly in the production of bent wire elements for various industry applications.

This represents a significant step forward in terms of the versatility and quality of our products; here are the main advantages:

  • Speed of production;
  • Flexibility and adaptability to different shapes and sizes;
  • Reduced minimum quantities.

Applications of our bent wire products

Here are some of the possible applications of the new bent wire articles from Gel Giussani:

  • Support frames for Christmas lighting: with the arrival of the Christmas holidays, the demand for support frames for lighting increases considerably. Our new items will offer robust and durable solutions to ensure the safe installation of Christmas lights, helping to create magical atmospheres during the holidays.
  • Christmas objects and housewares: objects for the decoration of the tree and cribs in “minimal” style, as well as elements for furniture such as photo holders or candle holders and items to embellish the bedrooms (themed items on request).
  • Supports for medical and electromedical equipment: in this sector, in addition to the certification of the raw materials used, safety and stability are fundamental. Our supports will offer a reliable solution to ensure the correct location and support of health equipment.
  • Simple looms for nurseries and accessories for vineyards: for professionals of nursery and agriculture, the support frames are essential. Our new items will offer practical and durable solutions to support pots, plants and crops.
  • Shop Display Hooks: the retail world requires durable solutions for product presentation. Our high-quality hooks will help enhance store displays and ensure an attractive presentation of products.
  • Hooks and special buckles for furniture: for lovers of design and interior decoration, details make the difference. Our special hooks will add a touch of elegance and functionality to any interior design project.
  • Support elements for indoor lighting (accessories for chandeliers): interior lighting is a key element in interior decoration. Our items will offer support and design for high quality chandeliers and lighting accessories.
  • Folded feet and hangers for plasterboard countertops: in the construction industry, versatility is crucial. Our folded feet and hangers will offer durable and flexible solutions for mounting plasterboard countertops.

Contact and information for Gel Giussani

If you would like to learn more about Gel Giussani’s new designed bent wire articles, we invite you to contact us. Although at the moment they are not included in our catalog for reasons of design confidentiality requested by our customers, we are available to provide you with all the necessary information and to examine how these innovative products can be adapted to your specific needs.