Square U-Bolt with Bracket for anti-hail structures

The Giussani Gel Bracket Square U-bolt is the ideal solution for securing anchor wires in anti-hail structures used in vineyards and orchards. Designed to fit various pole sections, this component is essential for maintaining the stability and effectiveness of any hail structure.

The U-bolt is available with a matching plate and a complete mounting kit.

This anti-hail net accessory not only ensures the durability and strength of anti-hail nets, but also offers a practical solution for installation and maintenance. Thus perfect for those seeking long-term reliability and quality.

Technical specifications:

  • U-bolt material: Fe 360, cold galvanized for maximum weather resistance.
  • U-bolt diameter: 8mm.
  • Bracket material: structural iron, hot-dip galvanized for optimum protection against external elements.
  • Dimensions: thickness of 3mm, height of 40mm and length of 130mm.

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