Spring spreader A2

Made of 302 stainless steel with a diameter of 2.50 mm and a diameter of 3.00 mm, they are used to support the double wires for vegetation containment; they are opened during pruning and closed again when the shoots have reached a certain length. The wires remain firmly anchored in the spacer, and only the spring is opened and closed. In this way, most shoots develop within the two strands, the advantages being fewer broken shoots, a longer time interval for carrying out the work and faster manual trellising of the vegetation.

Available with either curved or straight arms, they feature a handy locking hook to bring the vegetation closer to the pole. The double-ring spring allows for greater elasticity. They are fastened to the pile with our C1/C2 stainless steel staple.


Spacer spring with two rings and straight arms for double wires.

Fixing to the pile through a staple.

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Acciaio Inox 302