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Fasteners for outdoor furniture projects

Discover our wide range of cyclopark and outdoor fasteners, ideal for ensuring strength and durability in all weather conditions.

Our catalog has anchor hooks for foundation structures, which are essential for the safety and stability of any exterior construction.

For public spaces such as cycloparks, playgrounds, and rest areas, we have a specialized selection of hooks, round U-Bolts, and tie-rods that are perfect for outdoor street furniture. These fasteners are essential for securely attaching benches, lighting poles and wall lamps, and help create functional and welcoming outdoor environments.

In addition, we have hooks for anchoring tarps, synthetic lawns, camping tents and other items on the ground.

All of our catalog items are custom-made to perfectly meet the needs of any project.

Explore our catalog of outdoor fasteners and find the optimal solution for any of your outdoor furniture and construction projects.